Aviation MRO



Better Air Group has established itself as "the most understanding" aircraft spare parts' solution providers to 
Airlines & MRO & Manufacturer.The over 15 years experience in defense business and commercial aviation service 
business, has empowered us to build our underpinning as accurate analysis to every customer. 

Fleet Understanding

 We understand that different fleet needs different service, which underlines delivering customized service in different stage of fleet development.

Supply chain understanding.
We understand that "cost" is not only "parts cost", but also "chain cost". That's the reason we build our warehouse in multi-location and design efficient supply chain for customer.
 From high-usage parts to used equipment, customized supply chain minimize spares investment costs while maximising delivery of parts when needed.

Network understanding.
We understand that network is not only how many people you know but also how to match.That's the reason we not only buy&sell parts but also match network for customer.

By capturing material consumption information in real time worldwide, our network is to support customer's high on-shelf part availability while decreasing the overall inventory stock level


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